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Synonyms for liking

Synonyms for liking

the condition of being closely tied to another by affection or faith

a desire for a particular thing or activity

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Three of the constructs discussed here were compulsory (Demands; Liking Demands; Interest: Content) and two constructs with the corresponding Liking dimensions were optional: The teachers could choose which two optional constructs they wanted to use (one teacher chose only one additional construct, some teachers chose constructs which are not discussed here).
He defined it as follows: We created the term Brand Liking [TM] to distinguish it from the more traditional notion of brand preference.
This result is corroborated by of recent forced-exposure study of one Dutch print ad for a new coffee product (Stapel, 1991), in which dichotomous measures of interest and liking were related to incremental brand preference.
her perfect female flesh can rub against a fabulous inventory of animal textures"), when he admits to liking the work because it's luscious and nasty and makes one feel luscious and nasty for liking it.
Recognition (after showing it to the respondents) 82% * Proved recall, correct description of content (before magazine is opened) 51% * Liking the ad 76% * Ads interesting 32% * Liking and found interesting 30%
Trump also had a habit of liking tweets praising him on his political musings or his firing decisions on the reality TV series "Celebrity Apprentice.
So, scientists at Rutgers University set out to better comprehend the influence of odor intensity and mood on the liking of aroma compounds with different sensory qualities in a mixed-ethnic population.
It's important for parents to be aware of who their teens interact with online and what these friends and acquaintances are posting and liking.
During that period the number Facebook users liking his page went up to 2.
The team asked 405 users questions regarding activity and the team found that there were essentially six different liking practices associated with humanitarian causes with a presence on Facebook i.
LIVERPOOL is losing out to Manchester in the Facebook race, with almost 200,000 more people liking their city page.
Liking Harley-Davidson motorcycles pegs you as a white American of below-average intelligence.
The Challenger asserted the fraudulent promotion induced consumers into liking the brand in order to obtain free glasses.