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Synonyms for liking

Synonyms for liking

the condition of being closely tied to another by affection or faith

a desire for a particular thing or activity

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The influence of a tomato's appearance on consumer liking is well-established.
The fans don't just stop at liking the page but go on to commenting, interacting and sharing content from the Aaj Tak page.
During that period the number Facebook users liking his page went up to 2.
For instance, liking "Salvador Dali" or "meditation" revealed a high degree of "openness".
For instance, liking 'meditation' showed a high degree of openness.
The team asked 405 users questions regarding activity and the team found that there were essentially six different liking practices associated with humanitarian causes with a presence on Facebook i.
LIVERPOOL is losing out to Manchester in the Facebook race, with almost 200,000 more people liking their city page.
The Challenger asserted the fraudulent promotion induced consumers into liking the brand in order to obtain free glasses.
But it turns out that liking rapper Nicki Minaj and enjoying cuddling also hint at a leftward political slant.
com offers more convenience for users by giving their sites and pages first priority placement in gaining Likes through purchasing coins in lieu of earning free coins by liking sites to gain them.
Regardless of liking him I refused to go behind his girlfriend's back because it's mean.
Wanting and liking are separate urges controlled by different cerebral circuits and, when combined at once, the impact on the brain is especially powerful, relate researchers from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
I'm afraid to show my interest because I'll keep liking him even if he doesn't like me back.
So we threw those together and laughed about it; then we started liking it.
Increased proximity is an indication of feelings of liking and interest.