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The PETA supporter likened both the things to rape, violence, murder, asserting that if he's introduced to anyone who eats beings, he walks away.
The assertions that Tom Cruise likened making a movie to being at war in Afghanistan is a gross distortion of the record," Fields said in a statement.
He likened this type of behaviour to that of a prostitute.
Summary: X Factor winner Matt Cardle says he understands Janet Devlin's criticism of the show after she likened it to a "karaoke contest".
The Dancing Diggers have been likened to the Red Arrows - without wings
Many players have likened the Jabulani to a EeA1/2supermarket ball,Eee saying it is.
ALEX McLEISH has likened the Brum derby to the Battle of Britain.
LEFKOSA, Oct 31, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish Cypriot presidential spokesman severely criticized Friday remarks by Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias who has likened Turkey-EU relations to "Nazi appeasement" in 1930s.
The bank is likened to a ship and each year of operation is likened to another voyage.
One particular favourite of his has been likened to the old multi-coloured
A senior Arab official has likened Iran to Israel for occupying Arab land.
Tony Grew, editor of gay paper Pink News, said: "You have likened our relationships to those of three men and a dog.
His address, in which he likened Iran to Nazi Germany, won the approval of his American audience.
And Mr Hain likened Liberal Democrat Mike German to 'Lloyd George without the sex appeal.
Perhaps the book's intent can best be likened to Tennyson's series of poems about the death of his best friend, Arthur Hallam.