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Synonyms for liken



Synonyms for liken

Synonyms for liken

consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous

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Liken planus pigmentozus (LPP), benekli ya da retikuler pigmentasyon gosteren, derinin gunes goren yerlerinde ya da fleksural bolgelerinde ortaya cikan, liken planusun nadir bir formudur, ilk defa 1974'te Bhutani ve arkadaslari tarafindan klinik ve histopatolojik ozellikleri ile birlikte tanimlanmistir (3).
Uc hafta icinde yeni bul cikisi olmadi, mevcut liken planus ve bulloz lezyonlar yerlerinde hiperpigmentasyon birakarak tamamen iyilestiler (Sekil 1b,d; 2b).
In their conclusion, they liken masturbation to marijuana smoking and argue that in the future we might look back on anti-drug rhetoric and fears as a similar type of social insanity.
Likens, having served three years as ambassador, is on her way out.
Literaturde liken planuslu hastalarin psikolojik profilini cesitli depresyon ve anksiyete skalalari kullanarak degerlendiren calismalar mevcuttur (3-8).
Primer kutanoz amiloidozun, liken amiloidoz, makuler amiloidoz ve noduler amiloidoz olmak uzere uc tipi bulunur.
A small but uncertain percentage of people have trouble recognizing melodies or playing music, a condition some researchers call dysmusia or amusia and liken to the reading disability dyslexia (SN: 11/25/00, p.
The regularity of these eruptions prompted the scientists to liken the bright X-ray source, known as GRS 1915+105, to Yellowstone National Park's Old Faithful geyser.
Researchers recently confirmed that members of the tree family Dipterocarpaceae, common in Africa and Asia, grow in South America as well--a finding they liken to discovering, say, kangaroos in South America.
That finding puzzles scientists, who liken the sun's magnetic field to that of a bar magnet.
Likens, president/CEO of the Western CUNA Management School, who is credited with making immeasurable contributions to advance the credit union movement, will retire at the end of 2015.
Clr David Sheard says that anyone who likens Kirklees roads to those in the third world has never been to a third world country.
Dan and Joyce Likens of Junction City will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, June 19, with an open house from 2 p.
His 17-minute film, which likens Islam to Nazism and links it to terror attacks, has been described as "offensively anti-Islamic" by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
Monk has said that she likens the piece to a crystal rotating in her hand, with each facet depicting another aspect of life's journey.