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of the same turn of mind

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There is nothing certain at this stage, but we enjoy the support of six members of the like-minded group,' said Senator Hidayatullah.
Our 41 like-minded candidates will support Independent Senate candidates for 11 Senate seats of Balochistan,' said Bizenjo.
Appearing as guarantor for Senate Candidate Shama Parveen Magsi in Election Commission officeon Monday, Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizinjo vowed to win 8 to 9 seats in March Senate Elections,"Speculations of horse trading for Senate Elections are baseless, our 41 like-minded candidate will support independent Senate Candidates.
New Delhi [India], Feb 08 ( ANI ): Former Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday said that her party will work with all like-minded parties to ensure Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s defeat in the 2019 general elections.
Paul said: "It's all about spending an enjoyable evening with like-minded friends.
The United States looks forward to taking an active role in the Coalition and encourages other like-minded governments to join.
People are calling my age group the broken generation, yet we''re getting out there, doing what we want and being successful with it,says Lewis of like-minded young singer-songwriters such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Ben Howard and Jake Bugg as examples.
Members from all over the world join EsoDates to connect with like-minded people, find friends, or perhaps even a soulmate.
The PML- Like-Minded stated that Yousaf Raza Gilani should resign from his position as if any ruler convicted, he must have morally resigned from his position.
Summary: In a quiet corner of Al Quoz in Duabi on Friday, a group of like-minded people were talking about their favourite pastime: motorbikes.
SUCCESSFUL women could meet like-minded ladies while having their nails done at an event being staged in Birmingham.
This is, after all, the campaign that was going to get organics back on track, a new organic dawn, a bold collaboration of like-minded companies putting organics back on the UK food agenda with a simple easy-to-get repositioning.
WHEN mother-of-two Lesley Craggs wanted a new social scene after a long-term relationship ended, she struggled to find like-minded people to go out with on Friday and Saturday nights.
We like like-minded institutions, like-minded investors, or like-minded individuals," Ghali said of the fund's investors.
Maybe through the wisdom of my varied experiences and learning, I have not only figured out what a better world can be, but more significantly, through the media of the Web, I have discovered "signs" of a large community of like-minded people.