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Synonyms for likable

Synonyms for likable

(of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings

easy to like


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Here, we found that selfie-takers believed their selfies to look more attractive and likable than photos of them taken by other people.
In "Face/Off," the two stars go back and forth, but to the public, Travolta is more likable.
These were relieved by differences in the likable dancers' personal styles, especially Wendee Lee Curtis's presence and sure, emphatic tapping.
A ranking of the means of the various communicator style variables supports this conclusion and provides further insight into physician executives' communicator style preferences when influencing subordinates they perceive as likable and dislikable.
She has ageless beauty and an aura of sophistication but she's also very likable and real, a very rare combination," said Brenda Blonski, senior vice president/group creative director at Burrell.
I'm not attracted to characters who are instantly likable, nor am I that interested in making them likable," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Manhattan magazine.
The narrator here is a brassy, sassy, likable, know-it-all kid who, in spite of her attitude, learns something new, and takes a stand.
This is a fun contemporary romance starring two likable lead protagonists and a terrific support cast.
Ned Warriner is a likable protagonist, he and most of the other characters are convincing and on the whole the novel was fully credible.
That being so, it makes sense to take steps to be a likable human being.
The people who will be most satisfied with The Boy From Oz are those who can't get enough of Hugh Jackman, He's likable in his lanky, flesh-faced Tommy Tune way, although he's slightly outshone in the adorability department by 11-year-old Mitchel David Federan, who plays the chubby, tap-dancing; butt-wagging Young Peter, underscoring the showbiz maxim about sharing the stage with kids animals.
The thing I really liked about playing this guy was that he was likable," said Reynolds.
Samoa Tate, a psychiatrist with issues, is an irascible but likable heroine.
I also like these new works because 1 see them as a healthy prescription: They are likable for reasons art shouldn't be in the age of the dematerialization of the art object.
She's so downright likable that her causes, her discoveries, the bends and quirks of her mind, become theater; we see everything through her eyes and she takes us on some wonderful journeys.