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being two more than fifty


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This includes fans who traveled to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII as well as local residents.
Over that same stretch, the Eagles' fourth-ranked defense allowed just 7 points, and that's why they're going to Super Bowl LII.
This is due to the presence of the non-conductor phase of LiI dispersed at nanometric level in the conductor phase of AgI which would favor the local ordering of [Ag.
LII was held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) at ExCel Exhibition Centre in East London in early December.
First-time users may find that entering LII through the 1RS webpage is more efficient than going straight to the LII website, as the IRS webpage allows users to either browse the IRC or Treasury Regulations' tables of contents or retrieve information by section number.
LII, founded In 1980 by Steve McGrew, had been one of the first commercial exploiters of embossed holography, and grew into a successful hologram manufacturing and technology transfer company.
The clause 4 of the Bill shall be renumbered as clause 2 and after renumbering the following shall be substituted namely; Amendment in section 21, Ordinance No LII of 2000.
Indoor Sports Festival was inaugurated by Chairman LII Mr.
The Indiana Business Research Center's Leading Index for Indiana (LII) is an index similar to the Conference Board's Leading Economic Index for the nation, except the LII is designed based on the structure of Indiana's economy.
A Studies show that electric toothbrushes are more effective for most people than manual, and d l lii h more and people are realising the benefits and switching.
A substantially upgraded MiG-29, the MiG-29UPG took to the air on 4 February 2011 at the Gromov LII airfield near Moscow.
US federal law is still the main focus of the LII (Cornell), with its State coverage being limited to New York State.
In addition LII will utilise the solution for serialised production, product genealogy, tracking of purchase order receipts and WIP material movement, Kanban replenishment and real-time shop floor visibility.