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(botany) any appendage to a plant that is shaped like a strap

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petiolare of a white coloration on the apical side of buds (young flower); anthesis of at least one disc floret (mature flower); senescence of florets in anthesis together with beginning of abscission of ligules (young fruit); and overall abscission of ligules and dryness of fruits (mature fruit).
A ligule pit is present at the base of the adaxial surface of the leaves and can often be seen as a narrow ridge extending downwards from the top corner of the leaf cushions.
Bothrodendron punctatum has oval leaf scars up to 2 mm long with ligule pits contiguous with the top of the leaf scar.
The individual genera are diagnosed by a combination of several characters (Table 2), the most notable being the presence of a gynophore and ligule in Ficinia (including Desmoschoenus), presence of two or three scales in the lower florets in Hellmuthia, and perennial growth form and spiral glume arrangement in Scirpoides, whereas Isolepis includes predominantly annual species with a spiral glume arrangement.
Selaginella, leaves, ligule, lobed, shape and glandular cells
The ligule is a membranous tongue-like structure present on the adaxial surface of the leaf at the junction of leaf and stem.
laosiensis is absent or very short, extending to 1/5 of the total ligule length, whereas the labium of L coromandelina (s.
5 ND Peripheral fiber 4 4 strand Stomata present present Velum absent absent Labium absent or conspicuous, very short hemiorbicular Ligule shape elongated elongated deltoid deltoid Sporangium 5.
Coleoptile A tubular extension of the sheath above the point of insertion of the hyperphyll (usually called a ligule, sometimes called an ocrea).
25 mm wide Ligule Lanceolate with Deltate to widely pronounced basal ovate, chordate lobes, to 2.
They may represent tepals, staminodes, stipules, ligules, reduced bracts, leaves, branch systems, or novel structures (Clifford, 1987).
The most notable feature of the plant is the presence of long ligules that reach up to 9 cm long and small flowers with a long corolla tube.
Near the end of his life, he was still inquisitive of minutiae such as the nature of ligules and sheaths and other vegetative characteristics used to identify grasses.
aureum (C4) had large involucel bracts, which were ovate or circular, and large cauline leaves, amplexicaul at base, cordate or with large ligules.
Expression of this type of corona varies; flat, petaloid ligules, which may or may not be united (e.