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(botany) any appendage to a plant that is shaped like a strap

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Triangular ligule on the base of the inner side of the petal, d.
Bothrodendron punctatum has oval leaf scars up to 2 mm long with ligule pits contiguous with the top of the leaf scar.
Auricles present,small to long and clawlike; Perennial ligule a short membrane; veins of blades ryegrass prominent; blades shiny on underside, dull on upper surface, 2 to 5 mm wide; bunch-type growth B.
Fully expanded leaves were measured from the ligule to the top, and expanding leaves, from the ligule of the last fully expanded leaf.
badia Height (cm) 15-30(-55) 60-80 Internode length short elongated Node indumentum puberulent to short hirsute to scabrellous glabrous Sheath margin short pilose short hirsute to indumentum glabrous Ligule length (mm) 0.
Ligule of distal-most cauline leaf, length (mm): [less than or equal to]2.
7 Ligule: The ligule is the interior of the area where the leaf separates from the culm (stem).
Ligule An upright, membranous or hairy projection located where the leaf sheath and blade join.
The leaves have a long membranous ligule at the collar.
3-6 mm long, free; lobes of the outer ligule absent; culm leaf sheaths 9.
2003) and they are not able to feed, especially on liquid, because they have an athrophied rigid maxilla and a labium without ligule (Ramirez-Benavides pers.
c) Ligulate (5+0 ligule lobes): zygomorphic, with a short and narrow tube expanding into a ligule five-lobed at the apex, the lobes deeply (Fig.
In the case of senescent leaves, the length of leaf blade considered was from the ligule to the point to which the senescence had progressed.
The lengths of leaf blades and the height of the base of tillers (at ground level) were measured to the ligule of the last expanded leaf (pseudostem length), and we registered the number of new leaves that emerged in each of tillers and in each evaluation date.