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consisting of or containing lignin or xylem

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While ligneous conjunctivitis is the best characterized lesion of plasminogen deficiency, hypoplasminogenemia is a multi-systemic disease that can also affect the ears, sinuses, tracheobronchial tree, genitourinary tract, and gingiva.
We used the proportions of ligneous cover and pine forest in each estate as explanatory variables of interest.
Immunohistologic findings and results of treatment with cyclosporine in ligneous conjunctivitis.
Imports of Fibreboard of Wood or other Ligneous Materials has grew month on month basis by 38.
Primary root growth is generally observed to occur within a wide temperature range, varying by at least 2 to 5[degrees]C for ligneous species cultivated within temperate zones, and at temperatures above 10[degrees]C for plants in tropical regions (LARCHER, 2003).
Export and import of fibreboard of wood or other ligneous materials: volume, structure, dynamics
Most of the species cited are ligneous plants (34 species, 87% of the total).
Mabilau Caneland High grassland, cane grassland, secondary growth Miscanthus association: mostly slopeland, unworked soil, covered with various stages of second-growth herbaceous and ligneous vegetation dominated by dense clumps of tall canegrass; some protection and management (canegrass much used for construction, fencing, etc.
The present work lists for Ferlo savanna, the mostly used species, establishes predictive models for the wood potential and evaluates the needs and the potentialities of production of the ligneous.
Potato seed propagation is the most common method for production of many ligneous plants.
In accordance, the presenting complaint in 2 of the present study's patients was ligneous conjunctivitis, and their ophthalmologic findings recurred and persisted despite intermittent surgical treatment.
Human homozygous type I plasminogen deficiency and ligneous conjunctivitis.