lighting circuit

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wiring that provides power to electric lights

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Tungsten lighting has been around for many years and the airfield lighting circuit has co-evolved to be perfectly suited to this mature technology.
Tungsten Halogen lighting has been around for the last 200 years and the airfield lighting circuit has co-evolved to perfectly suit the mature technology.
They are lucky not to have been electrocuted, as the machine feeds directly from the street lighting circuit.
A A NEW type of alarm, called the FireAngel (pounds 20), overcomes the problem by drawing its power from the lighting circuit.
The authors advise that a full mock-up of every lighting circuit be performed, including all LED sources and dimming controls, or else a proven combination of LED sources and auxiliaries should be used, and then de-rate the capacity of the dimmer by the appropriate amount.
The product is ideal for testing lamps, fittings, transformers and sections of airfield lighting circuit.
It has no electricity but Jeremy plans to spend pounds 300 on a small wind turbine to power a 12-volt lighting circuit.
Tenders are invited for Safe shock ss 7 system for lighting circuit
Traditionally, the basic building block of control zoning has been the lighting circuit or subcircuit (switchleg), with the size of the zone limited by the current-carrying capacity of the circuit or switch/dimmer.
To control laboratory temperature and air-exchange rate more efficiently, these operations are tied to the lighting circuit.
By combining the EnergySaver's ability to provide continuous variation of power into a lighting circuit with the photocell's light measurement, the system will be one of the most advanced forms of "daylight harvesting".
You will probably need a separate circuit at the consumer unit, which is only used for the garden lighting circuit.
A lighting circuit run out from the house will allow you to work after dark - ideal for the winter months.
Tenders are invited for Diversion Of 440V, 4 Wire System Power Supply Line From Main Power S/S To Gareria Lighting Circuit Of Npc Under Sijua Area.