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Synonyms for lighter

a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire

a flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads (especially on canals)

transport in a flatbottom boat

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The number of eight rowers for a lighter had never been exceeded, even for the king.
In the first place, because there is no white flag with fleurs-de-lis, which the royal lighter always carries.
We have seen no lighter of that shape, except at Orleans.
Fouquet was short-sighted, Gourville was annoyed by the sun, now full in his eyes; the skipper alone, with that habit and clearness which are acquired by a constant struggle with the elements, perceived distinctly the travelers in the neighboring lighter.
But what the patron announced was not realized; the lighter imitated the movement commanded by Fouquet, and instead of coming to join its pretended friends, it stopped short in the middle of the river.
You who can see so plainly the people in that lighter," resumed Fouquet, "try to describe them to us, before we are too far off.
monseigneur, do not do that, the lighter is full of armed men.
Scarcely had the lighter made a hundred fathoms, than the other, that with the twelve rowers, resumed its rapid course.
I dudna see no lighter,' says I, and wuth thot I steps on hus fut guid an' hard.
Uf we dud,' says I, 'ut's no your buzz'ness tull be tellun' the pilot--though, mind ye, I'm no admuttun' there was ony lighter.
He was the owner of the lighter, an' when he hod told hus story, I says, 'I dudna see ony lighter.
No see a two-hundred-ton lighter, bug oz a house, alongside thot shup?
Your lighter never hod no ridun' light, nor dud I look for ony lighter wuthout lights tull show ut.
Ut was savun' money on lighters tull the owner, an' I gave ut tull hum.
But let me tell ye thot I know my buzz'ness uz well, an' thot I'm no a-lookun' for lighters wuthout lights.