lighten up

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  • verb

Synonyms for lighten up

make more cheerful

Related Words

become more cheerful

make lighter or brighter

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Lighten Up is all about getting people to take control of their lifestyle and eating habits in the long term, which should help them lose weight in the short term.
Lighten Up is a warm and funny guide which teaches us the value of humour and its' power when it is used as a vehicle for coping with problems and challenges in our personal and professional lives.
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, April 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Stamats Healthcare Marketing is proud to announce its purchase of Lighten Up 4 Life, an online community wellness and population health management service.
Newman's Own has introduced a new line of Lighten Up salad dressings with about 50 percent less fat and 40 percent fewer calories than regular dressings.
With restaurants coming under fire from some for not providing healthy alternatives, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill has just introduced Lighten Up, a new summer menu featuring lower-fat and -calorie fare.
Men can shed their winter layers and lighten up with designer short sleeve polo shirts in a rainbow of colors, marked down from $52.
No matter how lightly we pack our bags, unless we also lighten up this mind baggage we will drag along a burden that can drain our energy, dull our senses, and cut us off from others and from ourselves.
Martin, her tennis shoe-clad feet swinging from the salon chair under the dryer, waited for the blond streaks to lighten up her naturally red hair.