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not penetrable by light


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The room of metabolic chamber was light-tight, and the lighting schedule was adjusted to the experimental photoperiod for each group.
After the five-minute exposure, turn off the red light and, in the presence of the green safe light, cover the red light treatment dishes with enough aluminum foil to create a light-tight seal.
The foil bag is not just airtight, is not light-tight too--so the fruits stay at their best.
It must not exceed 8 inches in height, be light-tight, have a light-safe lid, and be capable of holding a 4" x 5" piece of photographic paper.
The camera is constructed by first painting the inside of the light-tight can black.
Nadar's balloon was also the world's first aerial darkroom, as the wet-plate process of the day required him to sensitise, expose and develop the plate within 20 minutes, all from the confines of a light-tight tent in the basket of his hydrogen-filled
The entrance aperture was then covered with a light-tight shield and the pulses counted for the same interval to subtract the ever-present dark current.
New equipment has also been installed for testing in a light-tight area for trying out the new generation of smart pictograms due to be introduced by the Highways Agency.
There are many cues available for animals to detect season, even in our light-tight animal-care facilities.
ThermiSeal bellows, which boast an air-, dust-, and light-tight design, provide protection for precision medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, clean room applications, coordinate measuring machines, and inspection and test equipment.
The paper roll light-tight magazines are a workflow consideration, as each magazine contains one paper width size and cannot be automatically switched between different jobs.
A light-tight seal around the conveyor is critical; if too much light enters the room, it can take up to five minutes for workers to re-acclimate to the darkness, hindering productivity.
He then puts the flower on top of a piece of film that's in a light-tight enclosure and turns on the X-ray for a split second.
In each cell," RPT explains, "a 6-axis robot and a robot-mounted CO2 or YAG laser are integrated with a high-speed part-indexing turntable (with rotating wall), system controls, a vacuum/negative air system, an air filtration package, system safeties and a light-tight cell enclosure.
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