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Synonyms for light-minded

showing inappropriate levity


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They are light-minded creatures not to be taken seriously.
Such cultural phenomenon can not but cause curiosity of outsiders, since kawaii is used regardless gender, age and in a way that at times can seem to be something light-minded or even childish for non-Japanese strangers.
Edward was tall and handsome, but his father was a hard act to follow and he was criticised for being cowardly, light-minded, extravagant, too much given to drinking and gambling and already under the spell of his Gascon favourite
Rules worshippers, those who have it that golf's commandments are sacrosanct and can never be challenged, tend to regard those of us of a different persuasion as dangerous, light-minded compromisers.
Light-minded, there is no Zion; The comer--his arrival at his friend's is Zion
He said: "If agreements between the council and private operators of services are treated in such a light-minded fashion then the people of this city have a lot to be worried about.