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in a light-hearted manner


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Someone, quite light-heartedly, came up with the idea of combining Blodyn Aur's natural golden vibrancy with gold leaf, but the more we thought about it the more it appealed to us.
Morrisons said the ad was intended to light-heartedly reflect the fact that not everyone liked Christmas pudding.
While Scott and I light-heartedly argue during the ad, we certainly agree on the fact that customers deserve a lot of pizza at a terrific value - and that is what the carryout special is all about.
On an unseasonably warm day in Washington, Obama also light-heartedly recommended that the prime minister take advantage of the nice weather and see some of the sites around the nationas capital.
From his replies to some tweets, Rowland seemed to have taken the confusion light-heartedly and says he is glad to enjoy with his new Saudi friends.
Noda light-heartedly said he was envious that ''people here, excluding me, have been to space,'' according to the ministry.
In these relentlessly combative economic doldrums, we must be thankful for any prospect of schemes able to enhance our financial fortunes - and Liverpool Waters is too significant an opportunity to treat light-heartedly.
Jody Mitic confessed light-heartedly after crossing the finish line at the 2011 Army Run in September.
I know there was a time a few years ago when the PFA forms were treated a little light-heartedly in some dressing rooms.
Neither Martin nor his lawyer would comment yesterday but a guest who attended said: "He obviously meant it light-heartedly and nobody who was there seemed to take any offence.
Their second leg of the gruelling ride will take the "Three Musketeers", as they light-heartedly call themselves, through Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia before reaching Bahrain.
By following these FIT tips, you'll expand your spiritual reserve instead of your midsection, and you'll step light-heartedly into the New Year.
I thought I would start light-heartedly and I misjudged it completely.
After tempting the basketball gods' resolve by light-heartedly dismissing whatever force causes fate and fortune to scoff with cruel regularity at the Clipper franchise, it seemed a warning sign had been fired directly at Griffin and he clearly was not cowering.
Hanks could do with attending a match like this afternoon's to boost his crumbling claret and blue credibility and familiarise himself with the club he light-heartedly professes to love.