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distance measured in terms of the speed of light (or radio waves)

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That would allow Duquesne Light time to communicate with customers and its supplier, so that acquisition of energy, capacity and other services can be completed.
With Special Relativity, as you approach the speed of light time slows down.
The plans include a new one-way ring road for the T2/T3 precinct by 2018 that will provide 33% more green light time , as well as a new road and exit for T1.
The company's filing seeks approval of the petition by July 1, which will allow Duquesne Light time to communicate with customers and suppliers.
John Powell of Light Time In Space, designer of the Solstice bridge illumination project, recently completed installation of permanent lighting on the Moakley bridge.
Finally, Landolt responded to instances where a yellow light time has been lengthened and there has been a drop in red light running violations and critics argue that yellow lights should be lengthened everywhere.
In Estonia the solar elevation reaches about 55[degrees] and light time duration is 18 hours at noon on the summer solstice, on the winter solstice the corresponding values are only about 8[degrees] and 6 hours.
central day light time, at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board Room, located in the Main Office Building, 100 East Erie Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611.
The council had not only closed off one lane (with nothing going on behind it) but had cut the green light time for Stoney Stanton Road to just three seconds - brilliant
Though such incidents have been brought to light time and again, the culprits go unpunished only because of political patronage.
These include a number of renowned distributors from emerging markets, such as Evrosvet and Light Time Group from Russia, Crompton Greaves Ltd and Future Retail Pvt Ltd from India, Adrilux Polska and IQ Led from Poland and Al Abdul Karim Holding Company from Saudi Arabia.
Advice will focus on keeping doors and windows locked, even when you're in keeping valuables such as keys, laptops, purses, mobile phones out of view and use light time switches.
The major corporate donors we went to said it's just not the light time, what you have there is OK," said Dick Hamilton, chairman of the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund.