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distance measured in terms of the speed of light (or radio waves)

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The major corporate donors we went to said it's just not the light time, what you have there is OK," said Dick Hamilton, chairman of the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund.
He is a contributing photographer for National Geographic and the author of twelve books, including the award-wining Water Light Time.
Due to short day light time matches were limited to 20 overs.
If you have grow lights, they need a minimum of 12 hours of light time.
We're pleased that we were able to meet a very light time flame for closing the deal, and are appreciative to KS Partners for their professionalism and expertise throughout the process.
It is named after James E Webb who ran NASA from February 1961 to October 1968 and will use light time to travel from the present to past.
The bureaucrats altered the sequencing to allow only 16 per cent of green light time leaving the port.
Having the EmX go ahead of other traffic can happen only if the green light time is cut short for either West 11th traffic or the cross street traffic.
If the plant lights are the only source of light your plants are receiving, add an additional three hours of light time for each plant.
The PhlatLight LED color-changing wash lights were specially designed for the Weeks Bridge by Luminus Devices and lighting artist John Powell of Light Time in Space, Inc.
Temporary bus lanes have also been introduced at key junctions, and there will be an increased green light time on certain traffic signals during peak hours to ease the flow of traffic.
This can be embarrassing for the news outlet and the erring reporter, he said, and would be avoided if the errors are brought to light time and again.
This, of course, leads to the two lanes not being able to converge (if the "courteous" outside lane drivers actually allowed this) and the result is a good 15 seconds worth of green light time lost to the incoming traffic from Meltham Road.