light speed

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the speed at which light travels in a vacuum

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In conclusion I can only say that although Cahill understands De Witte's result is first order and shows correlation to the Miller direction we must be cautious in ascribing this result to unconfirmed phenomena such as light speed anisotropy especially since SR would seem to be an apt predictor of the effect.
BR] was measured correctly but the calculation of the light speed gave a false (greater) value.
And the 27km circumference LHC, buried deep beneath the Franco-Swiss border, will start smashing atoms at near light speed next October.
The drop in light speed enables the component to retard pulses long enough to store a few bits of data in a network operating at 10 billion bits per second, a common data-handling rate for today's systems.
They just needed that little bit extra resource to make that jump to light speed as an institution.
Alpheus operates the most extensive competitive deep metro fiber network in Texas distributing video, voice and data at light speed in Houston and five other major Texas cities.
The wind will be northwesterly with a light speed and the sea waves will be low in height.
It has thus always been important for astronomers to know the exact value of light speed to help chart the mind-boggling vastness of the cosmos.
In this paper author made an attempt to give an outline of "expanding and light speed rotating black hole universe" that follows strong gravity from its birth to end of expansion.
One of my good choices was made on Wednesday evening with the decision to see Dev Hynes front his new incarnation, Light speed Champion, at Cardiff's The Point.
99999999 percent of light speed, the clocks indicate today's date as it would be for the space-faring Einstein.
Among the possible questions: If a person passes a yardstick at one-half light speed, what length would he measure the yard to be, rounded to the second decimal place?
Light speed anisotropy has been repeatedly detected over more than 120 years, beginning with the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887 [1].
An astronaut moving beyond light speed would - in theory - arrive at his destination before leaving.
Scientists couldn't study their properties, however, because the antiatoms were traveling at nearly light speed and were almost instantly annihilated by contact with matter.