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Artificial lighting can greatly hurt or help depending on the color temperature and light level, though indoor light sources do not produce a color temperature that works with users' natural circadian rhythms.
com)-- The Tritium Light Sources market has presented an advanced technology in the field of commercial application as well as military equipment.
Sony claims that the Laser Light Source Projector, as it is known, offers up to 20,000 hours without the need for maintenance, depending on the projector's environment and set-up conditions.
No light source can be simultaneously optimized for all dimensions of color experience.
The unit for the luminous flux of a light source is known as the lumen (lm).
with its advanced technical strength in the development of projector engines using laser scan technology, it will be possible to quickly develop a commercial version of the projector module using the RGB semiconductor laser light source module.
Today, many of those experts are based at Canadian Light Source.
Also becoming increasingly used in the global market are methods based on the D65 light source.
A different light source being tested will read layers of only 5 microns.
Its integrated light source eliminates the need for external illumination and makes it insensitive to ambient light.
s 9300XSP Xenon 300-watt light source delivers more than 600,000 lux of high-intensity white light for illumination of a surgical field or other area of examination or operation.
The new EUV light source enables chip makers to continue increasing the speed of advanced chips for over 10 years.
Inherent fluorescence by laser or alternate light source *
a major lithography light source manufacturer, announced today that the company has achieved EUV light output equivalent to maximum of 20W for its laser-produced plasma (LPP) light sources for EUV lithography scanners.
Lights are more than just bulbs and wire," shared Shellie Gardner, owner of Christmas Light Source, selling an estimated two million lights direct to consumer throughout the last 11 years.