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luminous intensity measured in candelas

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0 lux (beginning from onset of scotophase to onset of photophase), measured with a TES model 1330A illumination meter (TES Electrical Electronic Corp, Taipei, Taiwan), were used instead of scotophase to evaluate the impacts of light intensity on sexual behavior in H.
Moderate exercise strengthens the heart, muscles, and bones, and confers health benefits that low and light intensity activities can't.
In our study, effects of body size and light intensity on swimming and schooling behaviors of juvenile white rockfish were examined under laboratory conditions.
Music Rainbow : Again, is another way for parties but in this case the bulb lights up in colourful light and light intensity varies according to the rhythm of the song playing.
This enables scheduled light intensity correction to be made throughout the anticipated 2000 hour useful bulb life, so ensuring optimum output at all times.
Producing food plants in closed systems allows us to maximize the beneficial components of the plants and minimize or even eliminate the detrimental components by control of environmental parameters, including air temperature, humidity, light intensity, and C[O.
Light intensity, and to a lesser extent color, will suffer a loss when transmitted through a medium (FIGURE 1).
The technology adjusts light intensity smoothly, making it an eye-friendly dimming technology.
9 mg/mL) was attained by culture grown under medium light intensity (40 [micro][Em.
The first experiment was carried out for 14 days under controlled environments, with a light intensity of 120 [micro]mol/[m.
A white fluorescent light box rated at 10,000 lux - a measurement of light intensity - was used.
The lamp features an adjustment feature which provides operators with control of light intensity to assist in process validation and control.
Changes in light intensity cause major difficulties in this issue.
Osaka, Aug 4, 2008 - (JCN Newswire) - Sharp Corporation will introduce into the Japanese market six new LED Downlight Lightings, including three that deliver a light intensity equivalent to a 150-watt incandescent lamp, an industry first for downlight models.
Scientists are now trying to determine the relationship between age and melatonin, the precise role of light intensity and length of exposure, the implications for other types of cancer, and whether melatonin supplements would be appropriate for certain people, including nightshift workers or those with advanced stages of cancer.