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a transparent filter that reduces the light (or some wavelengths of the light) passing through it

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Dr Al Mardi continued: "The gallery is a refreshing change from the conventional, being stylishly and elegantly designed to let natural light filter in through transparent glass walls while permitting panoramic views of the sea on one side and the city on the other.
Atlas Material Testing has launched Right Light filter to be used in conjunction with xenon-arc technology.
It displays the appropriate built-in light filter to match one of 40 programmed test parameters.
A light filter assembly that uses a minimum of 2 different filters, each of which passes or rejects light within a certain space and wavelength range.
Polarization plane of light filter must coincide with laser polarization plane, which allows increasing in practice signal/noise ratio.
Diffused streams of warming, natural light filter through the entire "inside-out" garden design of the maternity village plan.
This study suggests that the employment of a polarized light filter in a reflection based densitometer or spectrodensitometer provides a better representation for comparing optical density values to ink film thicknesses than those instruments without such filters.
The customized xenon light filter system matches specific conditions in a sample's end use environment.
The ability to use wire decking instead of particleboard lets air and light filter through and reduces insurance costs related to fire hazard," says Tom Matyas, chairman and CEO.
Beams of light filter through the air to create a gauzy and timeless atmosphere, into which Morris's dancers toss themselves with the abandon of Renaissance angels.
Not only does it give the phone a different feel, it also comes with the nighttime-oriented blue light filter that is not in the cards for the Galaxy S7 edge though the latter is expected to receive the Nougat update soon.
Polaroid's UltraSightTMpolarised lenses are made of nine functional elements: a polarising light filter, which is protected by four UV light absorbers, two shock-absorbing and two scratch-resistant layers.
I am going to take telescopes and a few pairs of proper white light filter viewing glasses over to the park and anyone who is passing can have a look.
Astronomers believe it's more likely that the atmosphere is too thin around the planet to let enough light filter through and reveal chemical fingerprints.