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diet prescribed for bedridden or convalescent people

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Subscribers of the Cooking Light Diet receive a calorie-driven weekly meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks customized for their dieting goals and food preferences curated by the editors of Cooking Light.
He was out of bed and back on a light diet and oral fluids today and is expected to make a full recovery.
Those coupled with trying to do the traffic light diet as much as I can and remembering to eat regularly to stop my blood sugar crashed has helped me lose around five lbs.
AYOU don't need to follow any special detox plan, just aim for a healthy, nutrient-packed light diet and to lose no more than 2lbs a week.
The Traffic Light diet, by Judith Wills (Orion, pounds 6.
The Traffic Light Diet, by Judith Wills, is published by Orion at pounds 6.
Maintaining a light diet for a few days is an excellent way to prevent or lessen the severity of an oncoming cold, and children often instinctively know they should skip a meal or even fast for a day, though they may not be able to explain their behavior.
General advice has been disseminated by health authorities: Don't drink alcohol in excess, adhere to a light diet, dress comfortably.
According to the CBC, his coach Harmander Singh said that part of his secret is that he eats a light diet of mainly tea, toast and curry, reports the Herald Sun.