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lager with reduced alcohol content

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For a whole decade, light beer has been big breweries' only saving grace," explains Stephen Beaumont, co-author of The World Atlas of Beer and the new Pocket Beer Guide 2015.
What we're saying in the new creative is pretty simple: Heineken Light is a great tasting light beer," says Neil Patrick Harris.
According to Miller, the ads are intended to differentiate Miller Lite from other light beers, by emphasizing its pilsner roots, and to fight a consumer conception that heavier beers are better than lighter beers.
Light beer, red wine, white wine and liquor were not associated with psoriasis risk.
Five lucky runners-up will win a pair of tickets to the final play off game on April 1, 2006 and a case of Coors Fine Light Beer.
Light beer may be less filling--but it most definitely is blinding.
Visit the site throughout the summer to view a series of original videos that feature mike's lite hard lemonade[R] as a great-tasting alternative for light beer drinkers, in a uniquely Mike's way.
Miller Lite Packaging, Advertising, Marketing All to Feature Classic Look That Established the Light Beer Category
Despite all the hand-wringing about declining sales, light beer is still a heavy hitter, according to several operators.
Amstel Light, Heineken's somewhat more robust European light, was suffering softening sales, and Heineken aimed to field a light beer that would play in the same sandbox as Lite and Bud Light.
Washington, June 19 (ANI): Good news for calorie conscious beer lovers-new yeast products are being developed that could lead to better tasting light beer.
Source: Simmons Market Research Bureau; Fall 2003 Study of Media and Markets Percentage of Beer Drinkers By Gender and Age Group, Top Brands Brand Male Female 21-24 25-34 LIGHT BEER Bud Light 60.
Coors latest TV ad uses plummeting temperatures to emphasise the refreshment qualities of its Fine Light Beer.
Researchers in Pennsylvania also concluded that light beer reduced the risk of heart disease in hamsters - a benefit that may or may not translate to humans.
However, Mexican beers may need to buttress branding for light beer, or develop new light beer products in the face of successful deployment of European premium light beer brands.