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lager with reduced alcohol content

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For domestic light beer drinkers looking for a crisp, low calorie and low carb beer, company officials say Amstel Xlight offers an upgrade by delivering a premium import beer taste for an active, balanced lifestyle.
Tyler Ott, beverage director of farm-to-table restaurant Ox & Son in Santa Monica, CA, is energized by available styles of light beer.
Buzz Light Beer is golden amber in colour and pours with a thin white head.
The shrink wrap still carries the same silver and green colours that people have come to associate with this relatively new contender in the light beer category.
According to Miller, the ads are intended to differentiate Miller Lite from other light beers, by emphasizing its pilsner roots, and to fight a consumer conception that heavier beers are better than lighter beers.
With the growing interest in flavored beers, we wanted to provide light beer drinkers the opportunity to enjoy the beer they love -- with a refreshing lemonade twist for the summer," MGD 64 marketing manager Tim Carter says.
Light beer, red wine, white wine and liquor were not associated with psoriasis risk.
Light beers overall now account for more than half of the total beer market, up from 30% a decade ago.
That is, unless you enjoy guzzling light beer in the bed of the quarterback's monster truck while shouting "queer" at any ethnic minorities you may find.
1 percent alcohol content, roughly the same as a light beer and less than the 150 calories and 5 percent alcoholic content for its regular cousin.
Start with a crisp, simple, light beer and move on to light- to medium-bodied beers.
Kirin Light is a full-bodied light beer with only 95 calories per 12oz serving, and is currently the best-selling Japanese and Asian light beer in the U.
Macro brands still rule when it comes to light beer.
Amstel Light, Heineken's somewhat more robust European light, was suffering softening sales, and Heineken aimed to field a light beer that would play in the same sandbox as Lite and Bud Light.