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Through continuous innovation of our patented 3Caedimensional light beam technology, we're able to provide high-quality solutions never before available for LED retrofit of traditional high wattage lamps.
Lukens' team tried to inject an electrical signal of is and 0s into the fiber, a task that would be no problem without a cloak, but the message never got encoded into the light beam.
In Puschino we used a device with three light beam collimators directed towards West, East, and Polar Star and devices with alpha-activity measuring collimators directed the same towards West, East, and Polar Star.
Explains Light Beam Industries, the light is generated by wavelength shifting through a photoptic process of absorption and emission in the plastic.
Light Beam Industries also is marketing a new nonradioactive material that absorbs any kind of light, then glows for two to four hours in darkness with no electrical charge.
Dispute: Einstein's discovery of light behavior was a result of studying the photoelectric effect: When you shine a certain type of light beam on a metal plate, the energy from the light causes the plate to eject electrons.
To this day, my eardrums shrivel at the thought of the racket made by the great dancer Louise Lecavalier, as she brandished a wand that broke a light beam, which, in turn, generated an electronic cacophony akin to a hundred chalk sticks drawn over a hundred blackboards.
Microlenses and other optical components, manufactured at the same time as the electronic circuits on the microchip, collect the light beam and guide it to another place on the microchip or, using an optical fiber, move it to another chip.
The optical pathway has been engineered to manage the light beam so that a greater percentage of light is transmitted into the fiberoptic cable.
Front fog lights disperse the light beam, instead of shining it on the ground, which can be dangerous when it glares on a wet motorbike helmet visor.
A skylit box illuminates the spine (in the manner of Herzog and de Meuron's light beam at Tate Modern, AR April 2000) and at night its softly palpitating glow washes through the court.
The consumer ready product will be the size of a pair of binoculars and will work by shining a light beam onto the eye (without touching the eye) to produce real-time glucose information, which is displayed on the device.
I will used randomly shaped light beam as a new approach to 3D vision.
2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- DCI Design Communications LLC, the "Technology Concierge" for top hotel brands and management companies, has received a growth equity investment from Light Beam Capital.
Each pixel in the light beam corresponds to one micro-mirror, which is controlled by specially designed microchips.