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a rifle or pistol

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Things weren't quite as they seemed, and Ultra Light Arms might have vanished.
The co-ordinated bombings happened two minutes apart and were launched by terrorists armed with rocket propelled grenades and light arms, Iraqi authorities said Police opened fire with heavy automatic weapons and are thought to have fired on the cement-mixer as it approached the hotel compound wall.
The co-ordinated bombings were two minutes apart and were launched by terrorists armed with rocket-propelled grenades and light arms, Iraqi authorities said.
Archbishop Williams argued that the availability of small or light arms was one of the factors that facilitated child soldiering.
arsenal, DU is used not only in armor penetrators, but also in large bunker-buster bombs, cruise missiles and, according to Rokke, even light arms.
According to European law enforcement officials, the failed or failing states of the former Yugoslavia--Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia--have become the leading suppliers of light arms to the criminal gangs and terrorist groups of Western Europe.
Pakistan held the first defense exhibition in 2000 at which it booked a large number of orders for export of light arms and the commissioning of several defense projects.
Between the ship and Sharon is a vast display of weapons, ranging from light arms to Katyusha rockets and anti-tank missiles.
The Taliban were fighting with light arms and either rocket-propelled grenades or mortars.
The secondary market is a wide variety of private armies, insurgent groups and criminal organizations who can't snap up our handguns and other light arms fast enough.
Those included the expansion of the zones surrounding Jewish enclaves where Palestinian police would be allowed to carry only light arms.
The Advanced Systems business also continues efforts on light arms technologies and unmanned systems such as the Common Unmanned Surface Vessel, or CUSV, conceived by AAI.
Japan and UNDP are supporting the Ivorian Government s activities in promoting a secure environment for peaceful elections through a vast initiative aimed at curbing the proliferation of light arms and light weapons in Cote d Ivoire.
Today, the country manufactures ships, military vehicles, missiles, ammunitions, unmanned aerial vehicles, light arms, aerospace components and weapon systems.
870 WIN, ULTRA LIGHT ARMS MODEL 24, 22-INCH BARREL Barnes 140 TSX Hunter 54.
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