light adaptation

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the process of adjusting the eyes to relatively high levels of illumination

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The controlling influence of light was tested by considering the effect of different levels of light adaptation upon responsiveness.
This is a new theme" in light adaptation, says Vadim Arshavsky of Harvard Medical School in Boston, an author of one of the reports that appear in the March 28 Neuron.
Laser-induced glare and light adaptation can reduce visual function by temporarily reducing sensitivity to light.
Monochromatic light, either 380 nm or 580 nm, irradiated the eyes for 3 min of initial light adaptation and then throughout the spectral response measurements.
Nevertheless, light does control the ''readiness" of the larvae to ascend through the level of light adaptation.
plebs have been shown to migrate upon light adaptation at 0 [degrees]C as well as in the absence of light when the temperature is raised 10 [degrees]C (Meyer-Rochow and Tiang, 1979), we also tested the effect that light adaptation and a 4 [degrees]C temperature increase (to 7 [degrees]C) in the dark had on irradiance sensitivity and temporal resolution.
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