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offspring of a male lion and a female tiger

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The LG Liger is the first handset to feature the in-house LG processor.
What's thought to be the world's first liliger, a hybrid of a lion and a liger, has been born at a zoo in Russia's Siberia.
Thus a mule, a horse crossed with a donkey, is a true hybrid, as is the liger, the offspring borne out of a lion-tiger mating.
Our projects have worked to restore the habitats of the Siberian liger, the Monarch butterfly, the Kirtland's warbler, and wild coho salmon.
Campbell and Best's book spans the forty-two years between the Franco-Prussian War and the sinking of the Titanic, and its subject matter ranges widely from such arcane tidbits as a theory about the origin of Superman's costume to an argument over the difference between a liger and a "ti-lion.
Warrington patronised successive Huguenot goldsmiths from the larger community of 150 or so active workers in London, amongst whom Isaac Liger, Peter Archambo and David Willaume the younger feature most prominently.
Mercia Securities and sister firm Liger Technology recently expanded to a new base on the Bayton Road Industrial Estate at Exhall.
The Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt by Edgegear is available with the sleek Gen3 buckle.
NAPOLEON DYNAMITE lion & tiger = liger DUMB AND DUMBER bulldog & shih tzu = bullshit BRUCE ALMIGHTY tulip & daisy = todaisy
Apple Computer's liger operating system has Spotlight, the most advanced desktop search feature under the hood.
They believe the animal is a lion, tiger or even a liger - a cross between the two.
PARTNERS: Recycling,from left, John Whitty (Jaguar),Nerea Fernandez de Liger (Jaguar),Chesney Orme (MD,Plastic Reclamation) and Dave Hurst (Jaguar) .
Nearby the solid silver chamber pots made by Isaac Liger, for the Earl of Warrington in 1722 are proof of the indifference of the 18th century to bodily functions, since these chamber pots may well have been kept in the Ducal dining room as on thespot comfort stations.