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(surgery) tying a duct or blood vessel with a ligature (as to prevent bleeding during surgery)

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In recent years, the advent of endoscopic instruments has facilitated minimal-access ligation of the sphenopalatine artery.
Only patients with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree haemorrhoids (bleeding and prolapse) were selected for the study and they underwent rubber band ligation in two sessions, 6 weeks apart.
Patients were randomized to variceal band ligation performed twice weekly until eradication (77 patients) or to carvedilol at 6.
Patient's claim The tubal ligation was done without her consent and against her wishes.
FDAnews reports that the Sequencing-by-Ligation technology is used in Applied Biosystems' SOLiD (Supported Oligo Ligation Detection) next generation sequencer, which is under development.
AP endonuclease, single nucleotide (nt) gap-filling, 5'-flap endonuclease, and nick ligation activities were determined using the oligonucleotide substrates described in Figure 1B.
During the first 2 days after hemorrhoidal ligation, 25 patients who underwent multiple synchronous ligations with the new anoscope had significantly less discomfort than 25 patients who had conventional multiple hemorrhoidal ligations.
Surgical tubal ligation has become the most common form of birth control worldwide, despite the fact that it is invasive and costly.
Contraceptive sterilization, either by fallopian tube ligation or vasectomy, is an intrinsic evil, as is an abortion.
A key event in this process is TCR down-modulation, which may facilitate the serial ligation of many TCR by a few MHC:peptide complexes.
More than 90% of cases of hemorrhoids can be treated successfully without surgery in a surgeon's office or clinic, and rubber band ligation is the preferred treatment for internal hemorrhoids, says rectal surgeon Eugene P.
Unless a woman travels forty or fifty miles to the closest urban center, she won't be able to have a postpartum tubal ligation," he says.
Recent attempts at building bigger proteins have involved several types of chemical ligation, whereby chemists link up peptides, or protein fragments, in series, says Dawson.
The Essure procedure, approved by the FDA in 2002, is a sterilization procedure that replaces tubal ligation for women.