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join letters in a ligature when writing

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bind chemically

bind with a bandage or ligature

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The 5,402 nt SINV-3 fragment and the linearized pFastBac1 vector were gel purified and ligated for 18 h at 16[degrees]C.
Neither clinical trial investigated the efficiency of passive space closure during alignment Ong et al [45] in their study on 50 consecutive patients who had premolar extractions compared the efficiency of self-ligating (SL) and conventionally ligated (CL) brackets during the first 20 weeks of extraction treatment.
What made him think that the anti-diabetic substance would accumulate in the ligated pancreas instead of disappearing along with the pancreatic enzymes?
The IIV was ligated, and the involved portion of the vein and thoracic duct was removed with the tumor.
The tumour was excised after its pedicle was ligated with a suture (Figure 3) and bipolar diathermy was used to achieve haemostasis.
was ligated at 16[degrees]C for 30 min by using DNA Ligation Kit, Mighty Mix (Takara Bio Inc.
We examined the effects of irradiation applied to an area near the lumbar sympathetic ganglia on the ligated side in a chronic constriction injury model in rats, which is believed to be an animal model of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).
The left common carotid artery was ligated in eNOS-KO, or wild type (WT) mice treated with or without an NOS inhibitor, [N.
Any clotted blood should be removed and the bleeding points identified and ligated, he said.
All procedures were identical for ovariectomized and sham-surgery mice, except that in the latter case, ovaries were exposed but not ligated and removed.
O'Rourke regularly used the term "was ligated," it might indicate that he applied two ligatures in the surgery in question.
To achieve this objective a plasmid construct was made consisting of ELP codon sequence ligated to polylysine codon AT one end and a tripeptide (RGD) codon at the other end.
cDNA was excised from this construct and ligated into the expression vector, pcDNA3, which can be used for stable transfections.
In particular, the present invention provides techniques for producing DNA product molecules that may be easily and directly ligated to recipient molecules.
The pullulan DNA was ligated both forward (sense) and backward (antisense) into the pYES2 through the use of several restriction endonucleases.