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join letters in a ligature when writing

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bind chemically

bind with a bandage or ligature

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3' which appear when the transition molecule ligates to the stack and to the input word.
We decided to ligate the right coronary artery and performed a aorto-right coronary artery bypass with a saphenous vein graft.
The plastic surgeon and assistant were scrubbed prior to induction and prepared to ligate the tumour immediately should it impair ventilation at any stage.
BstNB I), to detect a specific terminal sequence in a working polynucleotide, to produce a ligatable end thereat, and to ligate and clone the working polynucleotide.
An example of duress would be if an anesthetist had to continue with anesthesia of a patient when an obstetrician, having just performed a Cesarean section, proceeded without warning, to ligate the woman's tubes.
I do not use ligatures on the vas (no more than I would ligate the bowel), nevertheless, his method of using many ligatures of Dexon may create long, firm scars at the cut ends.
12-13] Need to ligate the sac has been questioned by a group of surgeons as this group trusts that suturing of peritoneum causes ischemia which leads to impaired healing, increasing postoperative pain and also increased chances of haematoma formation postoperatively.