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join letters in a ligature when writing

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bind chemically

bind with a bandage or ligature

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3' which appear when the transition molecule ligates to the stack and to the input word.
Due to the nature of epulides, having the surgeon available to immediately ligate and remove it is essential to minimise the chances of airway obstruction.
For one, you may ligate the part of the tube that contains the ectopic pregnancy, then resect and remove the tube.
BstNB I), to detect a specific terminal sequence in a working polynucleotide, to produce a ligatable end thereat, and to ligate and clone the working polynucleotide.
An example of duress would be if an anesthetist had to continue with anesthesia of a patient when an obstetrician, having just performed a Cesarean section, proceeded without warning, to ligate the woman's tubes.
Freed testified that ligation of smaller vessels may at times be unnecessary, at no point during the trial did the plaintiff or her expert, contest the professional validity of the defendant's choice to ligate "bleeders.
Strand specificity is retained through the use of adapters that ligate to the 5'‐phosphate and 3'‐hydroxyl groups that most mature miRNAs possess.
Laparoscopic techniques can be used to ligate the infundibulopelvic ligaments or the uteroovarian ligaments, uterine arteries, and cardinal ligaments, which theoretically should make the vaginal approach easier and increase its utilization, said Dr.
Additionally, the newly developed PermaClip(TM) multi-use clip applier, used to ligate vessels and structures, will be introduced to VHA within the first calendar quarter of 1998.
Visu-Loc is used in general surgery to ligate the cystic duct during laparoscopic cholestectomy procedures.