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goods (or wreckage) on the sea bed that is attached to a buoy so that it can be recovered


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The conventional reading Ligan, Wade-Giles Li-kan, adopted by Leslie and Gardiner, as well as by Shiratori (1956), Hulsewe and Loewe (1979), and others, apparently comes from Hirth.
Interestingly, despite its more complicated installation, an under-sink water filtration unit is, in principle, attractive to more prospective buyers than the other types, according to Maureen Hubbs, senior marketing manager for Cul- ligan.
In addition to their own research, LIGAN will also offer services for target enrichment using the ThunderStorm System.
CONTACT: Investor Relations, Warren Ligan, or Kevin Kessel, +1-408-576-7985, investor_relations@flextronics.
Es un coleccionista de objetos e, incluso, de partes del cuerpo de la mujer, que lo ligan con la memoria del placer: "Guardo, de Aida, un vello del pubis, un vello de las axilas y un cabello" (157).
Warren Ligan, of Chiquita Brands, found the broadest understanding of multinational operations through a function generally considered to be the narrowest - corporate tax.
Our decision to continue our relationship was based on the benefits we have already achieved with Kronos, which has enabled us to manage the complexity and diversity of our global operation," said Warren Ligan, chief accounting officer at Solectron.
CONTACT: Warren Ligan or Kevin Kessel, Investor Relations, +1-408-576-7985, investor_relations@flextronics.
Until we went public two years ago, our lines were only sold through the Cul- ligan man.
CONTACT: Warren Ligan or Cindy Klimstra, Investor Relations, +1-408-576-7722, investor_relations@flextronics.
Solectron representatives include Marc Onetto, executive vice president of worldwide operations; Warren Ligan, interim chief financial officer; Roland Goyette, vice president, advanced technology and design services; and Roberto Hernandez, Guadalajara site general manager.
Warren Ligan, currently the senior vice president and corporate controller at Solectron, will be assuming Patel's role on an interim basis while a search of internal and external candidates is conducted.
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