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a man employed to operate an elevator

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Liftman claims, "The premise--that the ancient gods are real and survive in the modern USA, where they compete with the new gods for human worship--is absurd.
Israel, European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism, 1550-1750 (London: Liftman Library of Jewish Civilization, 1998); and his more recent tour de force Diasporas within a Diaspora: Jews, Crypto-Jews and the World Maritime Empires (1540-1740) (Leiden: Brill, 2002).
Liftman fails to consider the reasons why Majestic might have been granted a mining concession in a region that had been designated an ecological preserve.
In an analysis of a national sample of veterans, Liftman et al.
Some of the top agents of the week, from left: Sharon Baum, Bernie Rubin, Robin Liftman, Robert Doernberg, Dorothy Schrager and David Enloe
I sigh a breath of relief when I realize that the man guarding the elevator dressed in green fatigues and a black beret is not a soldier but a liftman.
Ramsay means the liftman in the Tube, of course in this book it holds the double entendre of "women.
StarNet Liftman Services--Retail Gondola and Library Stack Lifting.
Dumped by her two- timing husband, Judith (Hunter) discovers that the liftman Pat (DeVito) has a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.
We are delighted by our performance in this year's Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index and Carbon Performance Leadership Index," said Alex Liftman, Global Environmental Executive at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Agents: Sheryl Berger and Beth Liftman, Argo Residential; Douglas Keisler, Flat Finders.
The officials said another body found on the 12th floor is of the liftman Ajay Singh.
The first multiagent reinforcement learning efforts appeared soon with the work of Whitehead, Tan, and Littman (Whitehead 1991, Tan 1993, Liftman 1994).
2 million, said Costas, who shared the listing with Elliman's Bernie Rubin and Robin Liftman.