lifting device

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a device for lifting heavy loads

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With the G-Jib promoted as a smart alternative to traditional workstation jib/chain hoist combinations, this system pairs a G-Force intelligent lifting device with an enclosed track workstation jib crane.
All lifting device maintenance records should be initiated and maintained like DA PAM 750-8 (Aug 05) tells you.
Ever since man invented the wheel, he's needed a lifting device to raise the unit to the wheel was attached.
If some piping should be damaged, the repair is easy because it does not require a welder or a lifting device to hoist the piping into place.
The JEDI II dual-purpose ergonomic lifting device manages heavy test fixtures between storage and handles all makes of automatic test equipment for flat and angled interfaces.
The FHG unit is a robust, wheeled lifting device which makes it easier for operators to lower pumps and mixers into drums, and retrieve them when the operation is completed.
A maritime archaeology expedition from an Australian university and residents of Pitcairn Island retrieved the weapon by building an intricate air-powered lifting device.
As the replacement engine was too large and heavy to be ferried by helicopter, a lifting device was needed, that met requirements such as explosion-proof, lightweight and easy to handle to lift the replacement safely from the supply vessel.
It seems like the operator is picking the part up, but he is actually assisted by the lifting device.
A lifting device installed atop a North Sea drilling platform has been equipped with giant pulley wheels made by sandwiching rim segments in a molybdenum disulphide-filled nylon 6 between steel flanges.
This eliminates the costs for operating a backhoe or other lifting device along with the associated manpower.
Now, Goulds uses an intelligent lifting device that eliminates all former risks and costly practices.
Seniors Christian Callaghan, Denice Koh, and Nate Kruis designed and built the lifting device during a two-semester course.
An employee is never to ride up on a crane unless they are in a personnel lifting device,'' he noted.
The unit has rigid, torsion-resistant construction; a powered sliding table that can be locked into position; a pneumatic lifting device that automatically compensates for bumper shrinkage; and automatic frequency calibration before every weld.