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Synonyms for lifter

an athlete who lifts barbells


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a thief who steals goods that are in a store

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Lifter was released on the basis of multiple disease resistance, persistent green color of the seeds, and significant yield increases over the standard checks.
According to Rig All foreman Michael Ingersoll, the primary advantage of the Tri Lifter for the tunnel work was its over-the-side lifting ability.
Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, habitat of weight lifters, body builders, acrobats, wrestlers and bearded health proselytizers known as ``nature boys,'' was a unique Southern California tourist attraction.
The Spot Lifter, set to reach retailers in May, is handheld and portable -- a first for extractors.
The lifter picks up the barbell from the floor and thrusts it overhead without stopping.
Two surveys of intensive weight lifters in Michigan and Ohio now provide a glimpse of the addictive potential and psychiatric effects of these drugs.
With this design, you need to assemble the lifter around the pot before moving.
The new Reynolds Roast & Turkey Lifter has a suggested retail price of $1.
Lifters at times can cause read-through and gloss problems, due to lack of cooling, deflection (as mentioned last month), and the lifter not being flush with the cavity surface.
North Wales lifter Stephanie Owens took a big step forward on her quest for a Games place.
The depth of the cut in the lifter matches the cartridge length and an extension on the lower part of the lifter prevents the next cartridge from entering the action when raised.
Vacuworx Global recently demonstrated its new concrete road barrier lifter during the 2013 International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition in Louisville, KY.
com)-- A simple yet functional new product designed to effectively address a common household annoyance, the Portable Toilet Seat Lifter, has been developed by Eleanor Murray of West Palm Beach, Florida.
The Articulated Jib Lifter horizontal and vertical positioning device features an air balancer built into the second arm, making it ideal for reaching into inaccessible areas where headroom limitations prevent conventional balancer use.