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the principal work of your career

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People with disabilities are a viable consideration as employees to meet a business need," said Tony Saputo, vice president of advancement for Lifeworks, based in Eagan, Minn.
During the course of our talk, I asked if the immersion in Fosse's lifework during the preparation of the show had caused her pain.
He has described environmental issues as his lifework.
Removal of those odds through resources available to him in vocational rehabilitation programs was his lifework and mission.
Somewhat uncomfortably designated as part of the Catholic left, the sheer consistency, scope, and integrated radicalism of the Berrigan brothers' lifework is an extraordinary challenge to more orthodox secular radicals.
So while praising Friedman as cheerful, energetic, and widely liked, he proceeds to brush off the professor's lifework on monetary theory as obsolete and discredited.
Maiorino's is a wide-ranging speculative - often ruminative - assesment of Leonardo's lifework and of the implications of his work and image.
Thus, the ``work of life'' has become the lifework of the one-time bassist.
She said once: "I am not sure that anything but a lifework has meaning.
It is a gathering of like-minded artists and an opportunity for art lovers of all ages to taste and savor the lifework of some 30 sculptors as represented in more than 250 works of art.
Kroetch Investment Holdings, proprietor of Reliant RX and Reliant LifeWorks in Spokane, has acquired the previous Signature Genomics Laboratories building, an 18,400-square-foot facility at 2820 N.
Lifeworks Erie and the Erie Art Museum present a new class for those who want to better understand modern art and how to understand a painting or sculpture.