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the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death)

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Researchers in Korea have determined the possibility that adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) may extend healthy life and lifespan by intravenous injections.
In addition to LifeSpan being a part of this select group in Colorado, it is also one of approximately 50 small-to-mid-sized companies in Florida to have been recognized with the SHARP award.
Here's the key statistic: the average human lifespan in a developed country has been increasing at three months per year ever since the year 1840.
In China, the average lifespan was only 42 years as recently as 1950 - but then it began increasing by six months per year, so that the average Chinese citizen can now expect to live to 75 years.
Scientists have known for decades that severely restricted food intake reduces the incidence of diseases of old age, such as cancer, and increases lifespan.
Scientists already know that one of the best ways to improve lifespan in laboratory animals is to restrict their diets.
In the past the major challenge with studies assessing lifespan was the long-time requirement in mammalian models (even murine models).
Earlier work has shown that metformin can extend the lifespan of simple organisms like worms, but studies in flies and mammals have given conflicting evidence.
The cover for the Lifespan System is available in either traditional cast iron or in a lightweight, composite material The system has been tested to easily withstand 5 psi of water pressure, so it performs well in low-lying areas where rain events Leave manhole covers underwater.
Editor's note: The Lifespan Respite Care Program, which supports family caregivers, has been severely underfunded by Congress since its inception.
In order to eliminate socioeconomic factors that could have affected lifespan, the lifespan of the eunuchs was compared to the lifespan of men from other Yan-ban (noble class) families with a similar socioeconomic status," Kyung-Jin said.
Korean scientists have found one possible way for men to extend their lifespan, though it's doubtful most would take it.
Each of these strategic priorities is interconnected; only by providing access to high-quality sexuality education and sexual health care services will we reach the goal of a public that enjoys sexual health and well-being throughout the lifespan.
has entered into a strategic relationship with LifeSpan a Biosciences, Inc.
LIFESPAN is a small charity which supports people with serious and life-threatening illness, as well as their family and friends who care for them.