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being of the same size as an original

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The single monthly model can include subscription to the Lifesize cloud-based service and connected HD camera and phone systems, alongside peripherals for the meeting room, and installation, training and maintenance services.
The Lifesize plug-and-play HD camera and phone systems combined with its cloud-based application offers a seamless multi-party video calling experience across devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
Digital technology company Logitech International (SIX:LOGN) (Nasdaq:LOGI) announced on Tuesday it has separated its Lifesize division to form a private entity that will be known as Lifesize Inc.
There's obviously no price for gawking at any of the figures, but to own one of them - the way you want - miniature, bust or lifesize, there is a fair price to pay, from between Dh15 and Dh45,000.
The new product line offers best-in-class video, audio and presentation capabilities powered by LifeSize video technology.
Echo football writer] Steve Tucker told me last week that they were dragging a lifesize cutout of me around - he said at one point people were throwing darts at it.
We will be showcasing Rear Projection DLP Video Wall by Delta Electronics for 24x7 Mission Critical Applications and full HD video conferencing solution from LifeSize.
LifeSize Passport Connect is the first product that leverages both Logitech and LifeSize technologies.
Mirial products will be immediately available through LifeSize, Logitech added.
The LifeSize lineup of high definition video products is now the industry's broadest and most affordable product line," says Richard Bishop, managing director of IP Communications, "All LifeSize products support at least 30 frames per second and 720p resolution at only 1 Mbps, this provides better quality at any bandwidth.
The lifesize bronze statue of Fred perched on top of a chimney holding a lightning conductor was unveiled in Bolton by his third wife Sheila, 48.
Kilpatrick Stockton, a full-service international law firm, is using LifeSize Room across its U.
Most recently, CWRU began beta testing high-definition software from LifeSize, the same company that helped stream real-time music instruction between Northwestern University and the New World Symphony in Miami.
A LIFESIZE steel elephant is one of the many weird and wonderful attractions at a lakeside sculpture park which opens near Rugby this weekend.
Continuous screenings of classic works, lifesize plastic models and special exhibits all make the place well worth the Y400 admission price Y200 for kids).