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63-64)--its lifelessness in Macbeth's dagger speech since it is nighttime and "o'er the one half-world / Nature seems dead (2.
Mineral make-up is also much lighter and doesn't clog your pores like other make-up - this prevents the dull, congested, lifelessness that can occur when you frequently wear heavy make-up day in, day out.
which suggests it may be the preoccupation with one's personal lifelessness.
Towering windows reflect the hazy blue sky, offering only mirrors of lifelessness.
The analogy of death is appropriate in the context of skin bleaching because it symbolizes lifelessness, lack of hope and potentiality.
Order as spelt out by major discourse often means lifelessness, or repression of life.
As a combination of lifelessness and imagined life, puppets have an extraordinary license to criticise and mock, often using caricatures as distorted and exaggerated imitations, and setting up irreconcilable juxtapositions to create ridiculous and harsh effects.
Helens - once green places scorched into lifelessness.
The desert renders heat, emptiness, lifelessness and yet--this is the genius irony of the poem--it is not empty or dead: the lizard is life.
The folds in the cheeks give a smiling effect and the lifelessness of the parting of the lips perhaps imitate the effects of the drug (Kritikos and Papadaki 1967:25-26)
Power assisted steering has been introduced which is both responsive and direct without hav ing the automated lifelessness of some systems.
30) Indeed, nostalgia was said to follow a course very similar to that of cachexia Africana, beginning with a generalized lifelessness, and ending as the weakened patient succumbed to "intercurrent diseases.
I will continue to speak from my own experience witnessing my body awakening and coming to life after 151/2 years of lifelessness and nothingness.
Colour plays a major part his work where blue tones depict lifelessness, while orange and yellows depict regrowth.