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a strong sea boat designed to rescue people from a sinking ship

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Further information is available on Sunday mornings from the Lifeboat Station, or from 07802 155 509.
The new lifeboat which will replace the station's outgoing Atlantic 75 lifeboat, is able to carry a fourth crew member, while also having improved space for kit.
The Porthcawl lifeboat crew had launched their Atlantic 85 lifeboat after spotting the catamaran in danger in the Bristol Channel as night fell.
A lifeboat station was established in Cushendall in 1972 and has saved 114 lives.
The state-of-the-art lifeboat was funded in part by the legacy of former Women's Royal Naval Service officer Paulette Micklewood, from Oxford, and is named Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood, in memory of her grandfather.
Les Stewart, treasurer of Oban Lifeboat, said: "The plan was for the crew to carry the coffin but in a way, Marie Claire - who raised thousands of pounds for the RNLI over many decades - would have taken greater pleasure in seeing her lifeboat lying offshore outside the cathedral.
Amble will be one of the first of the charity's stations in the North of England to receive a Shannon, the first modern RNLI all-weather lifeboat to be powered by water jets instead of propellers and, with a top speed of 25 knots, 50% faster than the vessels she replaces.
However, she arranged that once the trust fund had come to an end, the remaining money should fund an RNLI lifeboat to be named in memory of her beloved husband.
Highlights from the day included a guided tour of the departing lifeboat and Q and A with the crew after which the lifeboat was launched into the bay.
Lifeboat helm Simon Emms said: "The crew worked well together in difficult conditions, rescuing the girls from the base of the cliff in total darkness and strong currents.
If you wish to support the Sidmouth Lifeboat, contact Freddy Wedderburn on 01395 513917 or visit www.
Since her death, Miss Bate's legacy has paid for an Atlantic lifeboat for Salcombe in South Devon, which took to the water in April, 2004.
Don Watkins, who gave top billing to Lifeboat Data Rescue V1.
The busiest lifeboat station in Wales, as in 2004, was Rhyl.
Lifeboat ethics is a theory proposed in 1974 by bio-ethicist and ecologist Garrett Hardin that offers a general case against helping the poor.