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Synonyms for life-time

the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death)

References in classic literature ?
She said "reading the newspaper" in the tone in which a Minister's wife might have said: "Presiding at a Cabinet meeting"--not from any arrogance of mind, but because the habit of a life-time, and the attitude of her friends and relations, had led her to consider Mr.
Judging by my sensations, I waited half a life-time.
d'Epinay, that during my life-time my father's will shall never be questioned, my position forbidding any doubt to be entertained.
Of course it isn't every day that one meets a mother that lives by her wits and a son that lives by his sword, but there was a perfect finish about their ambiguous personalities which is not to be met twice in a life-time.
His premises are the premises formerly occupied by Krook, marine store dealer--a relation of this gentleman's that you saw in his life-time if I don't mistake?