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performing an essential function in the living body


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The so-called "Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment" (POLST),' is different from "death with dignity" or euthanasia where doctors are actively involved in assisting the patient to end their life.
The fight over end-of-life care has been a perennial one at the Legislature as lawmakers have struggled to decide whether families or medical professionals should make the final decision to end life-sustaining treatment for a terminally ill patient.
The document added that this would include "nutrition and hydration unless necessary for alleviation of pain, or, if life-sustaining treatment has been instituted, I desire it be withdrawn".
Rasouli also reinvigorates the distinction between withholding potentially life-sustaining treatment, and withdrawing such treatment--a distinction that many health care ethicists believe is arbitrary.
If at anytime I should be diagnosed in writing to be in a terminal condition by the attending physician or in a permanent unconscious condition by two physicians, and the where the application of life-sustaining treatment would serve only to artificially prolong the process of my dying, I direct that such treatment be withheld or withdrawn, and that I be permitted to die naturally.
The author concludes that, unlike the HCCA, the PDA is silent on the issue of whether patient consent is required for the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment that a physician deems to he inappropriate and as a result, in Alberta, one must look to the common law for the answer to this question.
Supreme Court reasoned that the important, logical, and rational distinction between assisting suicide and withdrawing life-sustaining treatment comports with fundamental legal principles of causation and intent.
Her case had "raised for the first time in my experience the real possibility of life-sustaining treatment not being in the best interests of a person who, while lacking capacity, is fully aware of her situation".
As such, deaths occurring in ICUs may follow a conscious decision made by the health care team and the family of the patient to discontinue the use of life-sustaining technology (Keenan et al.
One of the take-home points from this study is that CPR orders relay only a fraction of patients' preferences regarding life-sustaining treatment.
Over the past few years, several states have enacted medical futility statutes which allow health care providers to refuse a patient's request for life-sustaining medical treatment where such treatment will not provide significant benefit or would be contrary to generally accepted health care standards.
Miller and Truog argue that when a patient dies after life-sustaining treatment is withdrawn, the withdrawal is the cause of death, and therefore, the physician who orders it has caused the death.
And medical technology offers advances in life-sustaining treatments and new cost efficiencies.
However, after years of searching, scientists hadn't located any LAT-encoded protein, which would offer clues to how the gene exerts its life-sustaining effect on cells.
The members of the expert panel of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment were honored for cataloging the status of the world's ecosystems and the life-sustaining services they provide.