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performing an essential function in the living body


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The fight over end-of-life care has been a perennial one at the Legislature as lawmakers have struggled to decide whether families or medical professionals should make the final decision to end life-sustaining treatment for a terminally ill patient.
The document added that this would include "nutrition and hydration unless necessary for alleviation of pain, or, if life-sustaining treatment has been instituted, I desire it be withdrawn".
Rasouli also reinvigorates the distinction between withholding potentially life-sustaining treatment, and withdrawing such treatment--a distinction that many health care ethicists believe is arbitrary.
The author concludes that, unlike the HCCA, the PDA is silent on the issue of whether patient consent is required for the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment that a physician deems to he inappropriate and as a result, in Alberta, one must look to the common law for the answer to this question.
In the 1976 landmark case of Karen Ann Quinlan, the New Jersey court underscored the fundamental right of a young woman in a persistent vegetative state to forgo life-sustaining support with a mechanical ventilator.
Her case had "raised for the first time in my experience the real possibility of life-sustaining treatment not being in the best interests of a person who, while lacking capacity, is fully aware of her situation".
As such, deaths occurring in ICUs may follow a conscious decision made by the health care team and the family of the patient to discontinue the use of life-sustaining technology (Keenan et al.
One of the take-home points from this study is that CPR orders relay only a fraction of patients' preferences regarding life-sustaining treatment.
The term includes both life-sustaining medications and artificial life support, such as mechanical breathing machines, kidney dialysis treatment, and artificial nutrition and hydration.
There are three ways to obtain consent to withdraw life-sustaining treatment: (1) a patient with decisional capacity provides contemporaneous consent; (2) a legally authorized surrogate decision-maker provides consent using either the substituted judgment or best interest standard; or (3) the patient has provided an advance directive stating that she does not wish to have her life prolonged in certain situations.
The members of the expert panel of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment were honored for cataloging the status of the world's ecosystems and the life-sustaining services they provide.
Call for Policies to Ensure That Patients' Wishes to Forgo Life-Sustaining Treatment Will be Honored
Mr Justice Holman refused to grant a hospital trust a declaration that it would be lawful to withdraw life-sustaining ventilation from the 18-month-old, who can only be referred to as MB for legal reasons.
High potency nutrients will not be available either with or without a physician's prescription, since these life-sustaining molecules will be forbidden under any circumstances.
Retirement planning is perhaps the single most important life-sustaining exercise in which you can engage.