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SEATTLE, May 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing has completed safety-of-flight testing of the life-support system to be worn by pilots during the F-22 fighter flight-test program.
Stewart designed several large, complex control and monitoring systems including the "Nerve System" controlling Biosphere 2, a bio-regenerative life-support system prototype for Mars, and the engine flight control subsystem of the new Comanche stealth helicopter.
She's on a life-support system,'' Chaminade coach Mike Evans said.
Engelberg said DiMaggio was put on a ventilator to help him breath, but his condition improved to the point he was take off the life-support system.
California Highway Patrol Officer Doug Sweeney said Melinda Phillips, 36, no longer needed a life-support system following successful surgery at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.
Reading is the skill upon which futures are built or broken - truly a life-support system.
DURING THE SECOND HALF of the twentieth century the world economy grew by a factor of seven while the Earth's natural life-support systems remained static.
The company is using the NexPrise application to maximize its ability to deliver the right life-support systems at the right time to its customers.
The mother of Miles Dabord planned to ask doctors to remove life-support systems from her son, who is suspected of killing his brother, former Clippers player Bison Dele.
Around the world," they write in Betrayal, "we have watched humanity consuming its natural capital and degrading its own life-support systems.
The most recent suits worn on the space shuttle, with their own integrated life-support systems, are reusable, heralding the new waste-conscious ethos in garment design.
This simply but informatively illustrated book reviews how buildings have evolved from simple shelters against the elements to "comprehensive life-support systems.
Consciously avoiding habitat destruction and mitigating the effects of land use change, reducing the direct exploitation of plants and wildlife, and slowing climate change can help us stop weakening the very life-support systems we depend on.