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a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes

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The two-month campaign aims at raising awareness among the public about the healthy life-style through holding workshops and lectures in NGOs, authorities, schools, companies and banks with the ultimate objective of reducing cancer types including colon and rectum, said Dr.
As a result, reviewers advise readers to read Wright's 'precious moments', life-style stories, in the rhythm of a poem, let her words speak to them.
The researchers suggest that life-style related characteristics might be the real determinant of the reported beneficial effects of alcohol and functional decline.
They too could have a life-style like hers, she said, and persuaded friends and others to part with large sums of money for her to invest on their behalf.
HEAVYWEIGHT John Prescott has been ordered to go on a diet and make drastic changes to his life-style after being diagnosed with diabetes.
The titles of a few of the subsections ("Social Ethics and Christian Life-Style," "Evangelism, Expansion, and Missions," and "Relationships with Other Baptists and Christian Groups") reveal that the trends and cultural patterns of interest are ecumenicism and diversity within Baptist life.
While the residential school experience was beneficial for some children, displacement from their families and traditional life-style made a return to community living problematic.
But I find it difficult to consider Johnson a hero -- as the media does -- when he incurred the disease through his promiscuous life-style.
Also, if you are thinking about making a geographic move to get into a new career or life-style after retirement from your current work, it is important to decide which part of the country you most want to live in and whether you would be happier in an urban, suburban, or rural area.
Questionnaires administered to participants in the Nurses' Health Study provide eight years of life-style and dietary information on 87,245 registered female nurses.
Busy rhapsodizing over Ralph Lauren's tartan highboy and penning essays about his influence on American life-style, pop-cultural critics have been too caught up in their insular urban worlds to recognize the true genius in our midst.
No mess, fuss, or worries, from box to the dinner table, the Jones Holiday Pack is today's answer for the busy life-style we live", says Peter van Stolk, President and CEO.
The dog-size creature walked upright and had a mouthful of curved, serrated teeth -- the signature of a carnivorous life-style.
A five-year study of 15,000 Control Data Corporation employees showed that workers with the unhealthiest life-style habits had the highest medical bills.
Humanists keep company with the religious right if, like Reace, they agree that children must be discouraged from accepting homosexuality "as an acceptable life-style.