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a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes

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The campaign, he said in a statement at the launch, seeks healthy life-style based on healthy diet and physical exercises.
Identified as an Industry 'mover and shaker' by Landscape Architect magazine, Wright urges all, specifically during the holiday season, to give the gift of literacy: not simply read or give a new book but identify and record life-style stories, too.
Although the study showed that participants consuming moderate levels of alcohol had the lowest incidence of mobility limitation and disability, but after adjusting for life-style related variables substantially reduced the strength of the associations.
They too could have a life-style like hers, she said, and persuaded friends and others to part with large sums of money for her to invest on their behalf.
A friend said: "John led a crazy life-style for years, staying up late night after night.
In the third or final stage of Oblate/Dene relationship, McCarthy depicts "an increasingly separate life-style.
Instead, they present a slick and distorted picture of life in which characters who live an affluent life-style, out of reach for most viewers, wisecrack their way through a powder puff minefield of contrived and trivial situations that are all neatly resolved before the final commercial.
Robert Greenleaf Umsteattd, a retired anesthesiologist, says "preparing for retirement means being emotionally and spiritually ready to let go of one life-style and to create another.
I expected vitamin E use would be a marker for a very healthy life-style," Stampfer says, and that accounting for such life-style factors "would explain away most of the vitamin's effect.
Barnard graduate turned stockbroker turned House Beautiful editor turned caterer turned life-style empress: Martha Stewart manages an empire that includes books, videos, her own magazine (Martha Stewart Living), and a highly lucrative contract with K-Mart to put her personal stamp on mass-produced housewares and linens.
In addition to falling rental rates and increases in landlord concessions to tenants, New Jersey offers commercial and industrial firms something they can't get in the "Big Apple" across the river, namely, an attractive life-style with intangible values along with low rental rates plus big concessions.
No mess, fuss, or worries, from box to the dinner table, the Jones Holiday Pack is today's answer for the busy life-style we live", says Peter van Stolk, President and CEO.
27 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Focus Media Holding Limited , China's largest out-of-home multi-platform life-style media company, today announced the appointment of Diana Congrong Chen, former Chief Marketing Officer of Focus Media, as its Chief Operating Officer.
The dog-size creature walked upright and had a mouthful of curved, serrated teeth -- the signature of a carnivorous life-style.
A five-year study of 15,000 Control Data Corporation employees showed that workers with the unhealthiest life-style habits had the highest medical bills.