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Synonyms for life-size

being of the same size as an original

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Tiger statue "This life-size statue sits on the landing, guarding the beautiful staircase.
When you're asked to be a part of making a life-size jungle and you think of how much foliage we will need to cover the walls, it's a daunting feeling but it's also fun.
As part of this project, IIT Bombay will organise two workshops from November 7 to 24 and December 7 to 22 where the life-size sculptures will be created by sculptors and students from different parts of the world.
Joey, the life-size equine puppet from War Horse, which will be at the Sunderland Empire, poses at the Angel of the North
Creepy/Delicious Life-Size Dexter Cake To celebrate the last season of Dexter, Fox commissioned Miss Cakehead and Annabel of Conjurer's Kitchen to make a life-size Dexter cake.
Shoppers at the Metquarter got a huge welcome from a scaly friend when the life-size creature paid a visit.
Summary: Two young Germans may have found a way how to attract stars' attention on red carpets, with a life-size robot asking questions.
Dinosaurs Uncovered, which featured life-size creatures, real and replica fossils, saw 41,000 people visit the Herbert since July last year.
Why Skype when you can talk to a life-size 3D holographic image of another person?
In other words, a life-size Barbie would have to choose between breathing or eating and would be so top-heavy that, combined with her tiny feet, she would have to walk on her hands and knees.
Summary: NEWPORT BEACH, California: Vandals likely using a chain have pulled a life-size statue of former President Ronald Reagan off its foundation at a Southern California park.
Life-Size B9--The Lost in Space Robot (Sometimes called "Robby")
ISTANBUL, September 14, 2011 (TUR) -- A dinasour park with 70 life-size dinosaur models has opened in Istanbul.
POLICE are trying to trace the owner of a toy life-size tiger (pictured) which sparked a major operation involving armed officers and a force helicopter.
Summary: The cars may not be life-size, but as nine teams raced their Formula 1 prototypes on a 25-metre-long track at the Repton School Finals on Wednesday, it was clear that the 'F1 in Schools' participants were following the illustrious tyre smoke of racing legends before them.