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life preserver consisting of a sleeveless jacket of buoyant or inflatable design

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The fishermen first thought they had found an empty life vest when they spotted the orange vest floating on the water.
This was because Life Vest Inside, a non-profit dedicated to spreading kindness, is kicking off its third annual International Dance for Kindness in honour of World Kindness Day.
The Land Shark is also an effective tool in the water when used in conjunction with a life vest.
Still, Olympic safety judges would have reduced his score for not wearing his own life vest that was in their raft.
He was dressed in a wool jacket and blue jeans, but he wasn't wearing the most important item: a life vest.
One of the border guards threw a life vest, which was grabbed by one of them.
The boy was wearing a life vest but was found floating face down and not breathing after brief inattention by those watching him, Humphrey said.
The families are all there with their kids and everybody has a life vest on, but you don't see a big group of college kids all with their life vests on going to the river.
Boaters also are required to have one floatation device per person on board, whether a floating cushion or a life vest.
This is the most important step toward saving lives since the invention of the life vest," says Ray Scott, about the recent United States Coast Guard approval of the first automatic inflatable life vest, SOSPENDERS, by Sporting Lives, Inc.
The toddler was outfitted in a turtle- and insect-themed life vest.
Officials at local lakes said they'd support new federal or local legislation requiring everyone to wear a life vest.
My father, Chapin Clark, was wearing his life vest.