life support

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equipment that makes life possible in otherwise deadly environmental conditions

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medical equipment that assists or replaces important bodily functions and so enables a patient to live who otherwise might not survive

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To fully understand how common the withdrawal of life support is, it may be useful to convert these percentages to numbers of people.
Lease on life support for life support vital signs monitor
Lynne Machado visited the Texas Capitol on Thursday to push a legislative proposal that would allow women like her daughter - who was 14 weeks pregnant when she collapsed because of a pulmonary embolism and was pronounced brain-dead - to be taken off life support.
Would it not have been a source of regret were the life support to be switched off last week if there had been potential for the baby to survive?
Seriously injured in a motorbike smash, he was kept on life support for three weeks as medics battled to save him.
The patient had been living with the help of life support since February 2008.
Community first responders from the Fastaid group will be on hand throughout the day providing advice, leaflets as well as demonstrating basic life support to shoppers and will be encouraging members of the public to learn the skills they need to save a life.
Advanced life support will be provided by a paramedic and an ambulance from the Spencer Rescue Squad, a private operation, and one firefighter/EMT from the Paxton Fire Department during the day.
Berman, who also made the decision to take his mother off life support -- a decision he said he made after consulting his rabbi -- also missed the vote.
Rugby Primary Care Trust is organising free life support classes following accidents across the county as a result of people trying to cool off in rivers and quarries.
Meisel picked up on the Ninth Circuit Court's abortion language and its expansion of termination of life support to the right to assisted suicide, which he calls physician aid in dying.
Laerdal Medical Corporation has for more than 40 years been recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of basic and advanced life support training products and emergency medical equipment, including Resusci Anne, the world's most widely used CPR training manikin.
THE unborn child of a mum of two on life support has no chance of survival, a court was told yesterday.
for ambulance services rendered by the Berwyn Fire Department for Advanced Life Support
The Astral platform is ResMed's new generation of portable, lightweight, and user-friendly life support ventilators.