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a prison term lasting as long as the prisoner lives


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Kinkel did not receive a mandatory life sentence, which was at issue in Miller vs.
ISLAMABAD -- Supreme Court has converted capital punishment of an accused, namely Imran, into life sentence after he served jail term of 27 years.
In April 2000, the Cassation Court confirmed life sentences for the trio.
A RAPIST was branded a "highly dangerous individual" as he was given a second life sentence for yet another brutal sex attack.
Even though an aggravated life sentence was originally sought, Ankara's 1st High Criminal Court decided to punish Munis with a life sentence on Nov.
And Jordan Cunliffe, 16, has a life sentence that must run for a minimum of 12 years - so this gormless killer could be out and about at the tender age of 28.
Antonovich also called for a mandatory life sentence for those convicted of freeway shootings.
How can a life sentence be passed when the "minimum" set was six years?
Since we can't have the death penalty, surely it is time all murderers are given a true life sentence, if only to act as a deterrent to others.
Gary Campion, 26, was given a second life sentence last July for the murder of former associate "Fat" Frankie Ryan.
First degree murder ( carrying a mandatory life sentence ( where the offender intended to kill, but not confined to premeditated crimes;
Painter's cellmate, Michael Andrews, 41, who is serving a 25 years to life sentence as a ``three strikes, you're out'' repeat offender, was the only other person in the cell.
It will look at ``alternatives'' to handing all murderers a life sentence in cases such as ``mercy killings''.
He also had a life sentence for a burglary committed in 1989.
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