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The GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists aims to support and reward promising young scientists in their research in the field of molecular biology.
With the addition of thousands of product specifications, ReedLink now helps life scientists in professions such as R&D and lab management to search the web and buy products.
E[acute accent]Customer Behavior, Brand Warfare, Pricing Strategy and Market Growth Potential E[acute accent]Based on a survey of 500 life scientists in the U.
Faculty of 1000 offers three unique services that support and inform the work of life scientists and clinicians:
The results of this survey will provide insight into life science practices as well as offering perceptions and experiences of life scientists on key issues.
com/research/f648xc/mobile_marketing) has announced the addition of the "Mobile Marketing to Life Scientists (2012)" report to their offering.
S, Department of Labor, I compared teachers with seven other professional occupations: accountants, biological and life scientists, registered nurses, social workers, lawyers and judges, artists, and editors and reporters.
Chemists, computer scientists, physicists, life scientists, medical researchers, statisticians and engineers will work together at the new centre.
Conversely, life scientists or clinicians with limited engineering experience should collaborate with colleagues in engineering or the physical sciences.
The new magazine will have a controlled circulation of 40,000 chemists and life scientists in North America and Europe, including researchers, lab managers, administrators and related professionals in the pharmaceutical and laboratory industries.
The company's mission is to empower life scientists by simplifying and accelerating genomic research.
Compugen develops products and services that enable life scientists to significantly enhance and accelerate their research efforts in the discovery of drugs, therapeutics, diagnostics and agricultural products.
com)-- Bio Careers, the leading online career service for postgraduate life scientists, is holding the spring edition of its Virtual Job Summit for life science postgraduates.
National Science Foundation figures show that about one-third of life scientists and 20 percent of physical scientists are still in postdocs three years after receiving their doctorates.
Established in 1983, the journal and its bi-monthly sister journal for the European market publish articles on original techniques and applications used by life scientists.
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