life ring

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a life preserver in the form of a ring of buoyant material

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Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Ryan Doss says the life ring was 120 miles northeast of Crooked Island.
He said: "We'd like to praise the actions of that individual, who threw the life ring in to the woman.
A passer-by threw the 17-year-old boy a life ring at the notorious danger spot but he was unable to reach it.
He immediately acquired a life ring from his patrol car and crawled on his stomach across the ice.
If you saw someone drowning in a swimming pool, wouldn't you throw a life ring to help or even jump in yourself and pull the person to safety?
As we descended and turned toward the ship, we received another call from tower telling us, "There is a life ring in the water that we would like you to check out.
He said she couldn't grasp the life ring rescuers threw to her, so he jumped into the sea.
Black Label castaway Ben Gilley got thrown one hell of a life ring in the form of a slot on the fearsome Zero squad.
To determine which sounds are important, the buoy looks for a certain frequency, and as soon as it hears this, it inflates a life ring around its top end and floats up.
His friend immediately threw him a life ring and reported man overboard.
passed like ships in the night, whose captains would have been unwilling to throw each other a life ring.
And he thanked a teenager who ran along the river bank who kept throwing him a life ring and shouting safety instructions.
He untangled the life ring and threw it to the girl.
The inquest also heard warning signs around the pool had been broken down and a life ring had been thrown into the pool.
30am yesterday where a man, in his 40s, was found clinging to a life ring attached to the sea wall.