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a British peer whose title lapses at death

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It also allow life peers to retire, which they are currently unable to do.
Thatcher made him a life peer for his service which also included a stint as party treasurer, in 1984.
The Labour life peer was a key figure in British cinema for more than half a century.
Tony Blair today strengthened Labour peers by making Janet Royal, head of the European Commission in Wales, a life peer.
He won the parliamentary seat of Edge Hill for the Liberals in 1979 and became a life peer in 1997.
In 1995, the queen made him a life peer, an honor that carries with it the title of lord, thank you.
He was MP for Barnsley for 40 years before being made a life peer in 1987.
Ian Livingston was named in July as the Prime Minister's new trade minister and joined the House of Lords later that month as a Conservative life peer with the title Lord Livingston of ParKhead.
Baroness Grey-Thompson, inset, who was announced as the school's new president this summer, delivered a speech on her outstanding career to date, both as an athlete and now as a Life Peer.
STUDENTS at a North East school got the chance to put a life peer under the spotlight for a lively debate on tuition fees and the expenses scandal.
In his final television interview in September, the life peer said he believed the "nastiness" of politics had contributed to his cancer.
9 TV arts broadcaster was made a life peer in 1998?
NORTHERN Racing chairman Michael Howard has been made a life peer in the Dissolution Honours List, which is approved by the Queen from nominations by the outgoing prime minister at the end of every parliament, writes Howard Wright.
Research scientist Dr Daniel Turnberg - the son of life peer Lord Turnberg of Cheadle - died when the Cessna light aircraft crashed while on a tourist flight at the weekend.