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life preserver consisting of a sleeveless jacket of buoyant or inflatable design

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The floating armor torso system, built by United Kingdom-based BCB International, is a dual life jacket and waterproof body armor that gives users "two life saving chances" after being shot.
A primary objective of their study was to assess the impact of a life jacket policy on the recreational boating fatality rate.
The company must provide life jackets to people who want to take part in these sports activities," said Lieutenant Ebraheim Asker of the media department at Eastern Region Police.
THE partner of a fisherman who was lost at sea has made an emotional appeal for all workers to wear a life jacket.
While youth boaters are increasingly wearing life jackets, adults are not doing as well.
Life jackets are essential for volunteers and the new design will make a difference to our safety and our comfort.
SPY STYLE: Daniel Craig in his ISP life jacket on the Thames
Craig Currie, 30, and three pals might have survived if they had worn properly functioning life jackets, a fatal accident inquiry heard.
When questioned by the Recreation Department about the ground shed as a place for the life jacket loan station, Mr.
It is just tragic and unnecessary because it could have been avoided if he'd worn a life jacket.
Greg Albrighton, North East sector manager for HM Coastguard, urged people taking part in water sports to wear a life jacket.
The two brand new types of life jacket were designed through joint collaboration between the RNLI and the manufacturer to meet the charity's current search and rescue requirements.
A FISHERMAN is feared to have died after falling into the sea without a life jacket in wintry waters off the Welsh coast.
The young boy, though wearing a life jacket and swimming with his brothers and sisters close to the beach, was suddenly sucked into the sea by a tide.
Yes, some reporter covers the annual life jacket service exchange and free life jacket service available to provide PFDs to children.