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life preserver consisting of a sleeveless jacket of buoyant or inflatable design

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Under Oregon law, boats are required to have one life jacket per occupant, but occupants are not required to wear the jackets.
They urged caution when engaging in hazardous activities, particularly in water, and advised the public to always wear life jackets.
Canine life jackets are typically used for the same reasons that a personal flotation device (PFD) would be used for a child.
According to the specialist that these fake and unlicensed life jackets become very heavier when get in touch with water and forcing to users to have submerged.
The life jacket component includes the vest, an automatic inflator, a C02 canister and a manual override device.
She is now backing a campaign to get all fishermen to wear a life jacket.
The new initiative complements DMCA's continuing campaign to raise awareness about the importance of wearing life jackets and how it can save lives, it stated.
The brief from Columbia Pictures was to produce a lightweight life jacket in military green colours.
A man whose son drowned in a boat tragedy is backing a move to make it illegal to sail in Scottish waters without a life jacket.
The jacket they gave was not a life jacket and was in fact useless.
A FOUR-YEAR-OLD girl rescued from a boat had no life jacket.
A study published online in November in the Journal of Public Health Policy found that the overall rate of life jacket use was about 22 percent, but there were sharp differences by age and boat types.
There are two types of life jacket for all-weather and inshore lifeboats, incorporating the latest materials.
For every copy of the book sold on the night, pounds 1 will be donated to the life jacket fund.
Wade, you are correct about the life jacket study being nationwide.