life history

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an account of the series of events making up a person's life

the general progression of your working or professional life

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Some research has compared variation in life history among species (e.
In order to establish the life history of the tiger salamander in northwest North Dakota, we established four study populations.
One should not overstate the historiographical continuity between the FWP southern life history program that led to the publication of These Are Our Lives and the University of North Carolina Southern Oral History Program's Piedmont Social History Project that led to the publication of Like A Family.
Addendum to geographic variation in life history traits of Gambusia species.
Results from such studies would shed light as well on deeper questions regarding the life history of fields and disciplines and the inherent nature of interdisciplinary research.
Species with a fast life history are likely forced to more fixed patterns of behaviour by their higher energetic needs.
The gnomonic time method proved to be particularly effective in estimating natural mortality based on the specific life history and life span of the geoduck.
We also tested for temporal variation in the life history of G.
Abstract--Parental care, sexual selection, and life history are major areas of research in evolutionary ecology.
Past life history research has resulted in parameters that vary across studies, likely due to differences in methodology.
London, Mar 5 ( ANI ): Scientists suggest that a "live fast, die young" life history strategy could have been a key factor behind today's high tree diversity in the Amazon.
In this study, the author employs a life history methodology to examine the ideas of Ivor Goodson, a researcher and thinker on education, whose ideas on the politics of social transformation and social justice fall within the framework of social construction and social histories of the curriculum.
We are very pleased with the deal reached with IBM and see it as an opportunity to drive business analytics built on serialized, event life history.
Life-history evolution has been an integral part of evolutionary research over the past few decades, and livebearing fishes (Poeciliidae) have proven to be excellent models for studying life history adaptations (e.
While demographic variables (such as age of first breeding) are a core part of life history theory, the presentation and deductions from actual life (history) tables in ornithology or evolutionary biology are astonishingly sparse (e.